Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission cost to the fair?

There is no admission fee or parking fee.


What happens if it rains while I’m at the fair?

The rides may not be operated during the rain. Once the rain has subsided, the operators will open back up as quickly as possible. Please check the Bedford County Fair facebook page for updates on inclement weather.


Can I bring my dog to the fair?

Only certified service animals are permitted on the fairgrounds.


Can I bring a motorized wheelchair to the fair?

Yes, motorized and manual wheelchairs are welcomed at the fair. Motorized vehicles such as golf carts are not allowed to be brought in by patrons.


Do you have ATMs on the grounds?

ATMs may be available but we recommend only planning on using them in case of an emergency because of limited availability.


I lost something at the fair, where do I find out if it was find?

Lost items are turned into the desk at the competition hall. You can check that desk or email